Thursday, May 26, 2016

Your Most Important Job Search Tool

What is your most important job search tool?  Well, it isn’t your resume, it isn’t your LinkedIn profile, it’s not your carefully crafted career portfolio, and it isn’t your interview prowess.  It’s you!  From your enthusiasm to take the “bull by the horns,” to your willingness to do the uncomfortable (networking, asking for reference letters, getting help when you need it), your job search success is up to you!  If you are actively seeking employment spend time at least five days a week in job search mode.  

For the unemployed this means at least five hours a day in a variety of tasks.  For those currently employed, you have to determine what amount of time you can legitimately devote to the search five days a week.  Whether you give it your all five to six hours a day on the weekdays, or 20-30 minutes four days a week and a couple of hours on Saturday, if you consistently pursue a new job the numbers will always be in your favor.  While sometimes our job search success isn’t as quick as we would like, the time you regularly set aside to perform a job search will ultimately win the day.  To your job search success!

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