Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Career Tip: ONET – The Career Exploration Resource

If you are looking to change careers, have never known what you truly want to do for your career, or know a high school student deciding on a college major to pursue, then ONET is your source.  We all realize to make a truly good decision, it is all about the data, and you can gather a great deal of that data for a career path determination on the ONET site.

Whether you search by an SOC code (Standard Occupational Classification) or a job title, an impressive summary of over 12,000 different job types awaits.  From the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for a specific job, to expected salary, related professions, hot tech skills, green jobs, jobs with a bright future, and typical education needed, it is your go-to research resource.

Give ONET a try and discover a wealth of information concerning your next career. 

A portion of this post was originally posted in July of 2015.

Job Search Quotes of the Week

“The butterfly symbolizes change, joy and transformation.  Be flexible to change.  Be joyful in your attitude towards yourself and others.  Be willing to continue to transform yourself to pursue your dreams, goals and aspirations.” ~ Patti Oskvarek

“Look out! Miracles are closer than they appear.” ~ Ulrike Selleck

Career Management Quotes of the Week

“Treasure your time and respect that of others because once it is gone and you have not made wise and purposeful use of it you will not get it back to make amends.”  ~ Mithra Dulloo

“No one is without self-worth… remember, you can always be used as a bad example.” ~ G. Corradino

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Career Tip: Take Your Break

Workers often post and bloggers frequently write articles about employees not taking breaks or their lunch hour in the workplace.  Think about it, all that wasted break time when you could refresh your coffee, eat your lunch, chat with a friend or loved one on the phone, play a game, take a walk, or just veg out.  Your breaks are not paid time, technically you have a four hour work day with a half-hour break, or an eight hour work day with two half-hour breaks, which means a half hour for lunch and two 15 minute breaks during the day or however you would like to break that time up.  Besides the obvious problem of working and not truly being paid, you are actually making things worse for your productivity and mood by not taking those rest opportunities at work.  

Recharging your batteries during the day is important and if you constantly work through lunch and your breaks you will often work slower, make more mistakes, have less patience for issues that come up, and begin to suffer from burn out.  Take your breaks, for both yourself and your company and see your productivity and attitude improve.  To your career success!