Saturday, May 14, 2016

Keep Your Resume Updated

Unfortunately, the main reason we update or even prepare from scratch, a resume is because of a career emergency.  Fear of lay-offs, surprise downsizing, company closure, company merger or acquisition, or being dismissed are all reasons people will need an updated resume quickly.  However, waiting until the emergency happens is a very bad idea. 
Think of your resume as your personal marketing brochure.  Just like a company’s marketing brochure, your resume needs to be continually modified with new information, have older information revamped or eliminated, and be read and re-read for errors.  Delaying the task of keeping your resume updated, whether actually inserting new information into an existing document, or maintaining a list of projects worked on, documents development, clients work with, sales numbers, inventory managed, computer applications utilized, etc., can leave you flustered during a career crisis and result in a lackluster document. 
Why have to remember this information at a time when you are upset about an impending or recent job loss, nervous about the future, and feeling a great deal of pressure to get a new job.  Your thinking is clearer and your ability to remember important information for your resume and for the interview is stronger during a time when you aren’t highly stressed. 

Take the time today to sit down and write out recent happenings in your career.  If it has been some time, say five or more years since you have taken on this task, try carving time out weekly for a few weeks to think back on your career and give yourself a better opportunity for recall of material suitable for a resume.  You should always have more information than necessary, and that surplus material can offer you some additional support of your experience in an interview.  Update your resume today.  To your career success!

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