Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Interview Tip - What to do prior to an interview

Here are 10 tips to help you be more prepared prior to going into an interview. 

--Make sure you know where the interview location is, and if necessary, travel to the location the day before to ensure you can get there in the estimated time and find a close parking space.
--Bring nice copies of your resume and cover letter, on stationery (if possible), to the interview.
--Bring a bottle of water.
--Bring a notebook or portfolio to take notes during the interview.
--Bring a book, a real book not digital, to read. Choose a book with a business-related or motivational topic, no politics or religion, or anything like science fiction or romance novels.
--Write out questions you want to ask prior to the interview and take them with you.
--Arrive 20 minutes early.
--Turn off your cell phone and any other digital devices.
--Check your outfit and make sure it is clean and neat in appearance.
--Get rid of chewing gum, check for food caught between teeth, or lipstick smears around mouth or on teeth.

To your job search and interview success!

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