Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Don’t let the name fool you; (a LinkedIn company) has some incredible professional development opportunities for career management, promotion, transition into a new career, or a job search.  Offering both online courses and video tutorials, on the go learning with mobile, tablet and desktop devices, and a range of course skill levels from beginner to advanced; it has something to offer for everyone.  Unlike Coursera (discussed in yesterday’s post), which is an online classroom with a traditional schedule of coursework, is a “set your own pace” program.  The organization also has an impressive list of corporate clients like Microsoft, Adobe and NBC, which lends more credibility to their training offerings.  

This site is particularly suited for techies with programmer/developer, game design, website development, video, audio, and 3-D courses and videos.  However there is still ample training for the business side, as provides 1,200+ classes and nearly 50,000 video tutorials just for business-courses, and even has education/teacher-related training's. You can try the site free for ten days and then choose one of several low cost monthly or annual subscription models, including two that allow for downloads of accompanying course project files.  To your career success!

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