Friday, July 31, 2015

American Management Association

Today’s fourth and final low cost or no-cost online professional development resource is the American Management Association and probably my favorite of all the sites I have blogged about this week.  The American Management Association offers a variety of membership levels, including a free membership when you go to their site and click on the MYAMA Tab on the Home Page.  Once you sign up they allow you access to free training in the form of webcasts, podcasts, and resources like industry related articles and whitepapers, book recommendations, and monthly newsletters.  This site is full of rich content regardless of your career need.  With 20 Webcast categories alone that include Communications Skills, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources Management, Leadership, Strategic Planning, and Training and Development, there is literally something for everyone.  Courses are regularly added to the webcast area, and number as of today 280, each lasting about one-hour.  These can definitely be included in a resume for job seeker or a person seeking a promotion, for overall career management, or learning opportunities for career transition.

I am sure even AMA has under anticipated the popularity of their site, but the offering of the free training has truly helped many a jobseeker laid off during the economic downturn.  The AMA is also well known by companies as many of them send their executives to the paid programs that often cost thousands of dollars and run for up to a week.  Join AMA and try some of their webcasts, and perhaps, if you can, pay or have your company pay for an Internet or full membership and pay it forward.  To your career success! 

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