Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How Long Does It Take To Find A New Job

We have all heard it from someone who recently lost their job “Oh, I should have a new job in a couple of months.”  Unfortunately this is rarely the reality.  While I certainly know individuals who have found a new job quickly (two months or less) after being laid off, that is not the case for most job hunters.  Even a job hunter who is currently employed, a much better situation for a job search, will take longer than two months.    

So how long should it take?  Although giving a number can be a bit of a challenge, I have found the common belief that for every $10,000 of income you want to earn, you will spend at least one month looking, is a nice rule.  If you want to earn $40,000 a year, then expect at least four months in a job search.  The more you earn, the longer it will take to find that new job.  Giving someone in a job search this data can be a bit depressing, so I offer a little additional advice.  If you want to have a faster job search, then network both in person and online, apply for jobs that you are qualified to pursue (not every job that strikes your fancy), and search five days a week using job board aggregators, networking contacts, job fairs, and other venues.  My last bit of advice:  don’t allow every rejection to turn your world upside down.  Since it has been reported that the average jobseeker interviews with 16 different companies before getting a job, you will most likely be turned down for few positions.  Maintaining a positive attitude throughout the job hunt will increase your success.  

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