Thursday, June 25, 2015

Don’t Take Time Off Before You Start Your Job Search

While you may be tempted, avoid taking time off after a layoff or firing, and before you start your job search.  Certainly many want to relax for a week or two after a great deal of stress, but that week or two typically turns into a month or two, or even more.  Once idle, you will often remain idle for a significant time which will increase your feelings of stress and worry in trying to find a job.  Even those at the brink of financial ruin often find it very difficult to search for a job once they have taken some time off.  This is not the time to paint the house, run lots of errands during the day, or to get all of the honey-do-list projects done.  Start your job search immediately, and treat it as your full time job!

So, in order for your job search to be a full time job, you need to plan your job search.  Mix it up with networking both online (LinkedIn) and in person, apply for jobs online, visit job clubs, attend onsite and online seminars and workshops that teach you more about various aspects of the job search, tweak your resume, and practice interviewing.  This way you are not stuck in your home seven hours a day trying to apply for jobs online, which will quickly turn to frustration and lack of motivation.  Using several different avenues to search for a job, planning that search, and putting variety into your job search day, will mean a faster job search and much less disappointment.  To your job search success!

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