Thursday, February 13, 2014

What is the KAB Distinguished Service Award?

Karl Eric Kandt spent more than 20 years as an academic advisor at Kansas State University, Wichita State University, and Emporia State University. Beyond his role as an advisor, Karl Kandt achieved success as a radio analyst at Wichita State and Emporia State, and earned first place in the Medium Market category from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters in 1996.

Below is a brief overview of the Kansas Association of Broadcasters’ Distinguished Service Award.

Question #1: What is the Kansas Association of Broadcasters (KAB)?

Answer #1: Representing broadcasting professionals in the state of
Kansas, KAB is dedicated to serving as a valuable resource for its members and ensuring their success in the broadcasting profession.

Question #2: What is the Distinguished Service Award?

Answer #2: As the highest honor of the KAB, the Distinguished Service Award is given to members who demonstrate outstanding service to the broadcasting industry, the community, and the state.

Question #3: What are the judging criteria for the Distinguished Service Award?

Answer #3: The Distinguished Service Award is awarded based on achievements in the broadcasting profession; service within the local community and at the state and national levels; and previous awards and recognition.

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