Friday, June 23, 2017

Career Tip of the Week - Get a Hobby

Sometimes the best way to deal with a stressful job is to have a hobby.  Not just an occasional hobby that you do once a month, but something active that can take your mind off of your stress and give you a better perspective.  From fishing, walking, gardening, and playing softball, to making jewelry, creating lawn art, and working on cars, you need an outlet.  TV and video games are not an outlet, and they are not hobby, but only a distraction.  While you might be tempted to say something similar about a hobby, you get usefulness from most hobbies, including physical exercise, creativity from making an item, or satisfaction like a repaired car or newly landscaped yard.

Your hobby should not be something you find to be a chore.  Many people work on their own cars but don't enjoy it, so it is only a pastime for those who find it fulfilling and enjoyable.  If you have allowed your life and work to take over your time to such a point as you have no hobbies, rethink your priorities.  Good career management has a balance of multiple areas, including family, religious, professional and/or civic activities, hobbies, and work.  If you take one part out, you often lead a life and career less fulfilled.  To your career success.

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