Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Keep up that Job Search-No Excuses!

A friend just sent me a newsletter about cold calling, with a note about the “excuse list” applying to jobseekers.  After reading this newsletter from Wendy Weiss’s (The Queen of Cold Calling), I absolutely agree.  Here is the excuse list from her newsletter – the same excuses jobseekers often use this time of year:

--No one’s doing any work. It’s the holidays.
--Nothing gets done till January. It’s the holidays.
--No one sets appointments till the New Year. It’s the holidays.
--Too much to finish up to take the time to prospect (for new employees). It’s the holidays.
--Prospects (potential job candidates) are taking time off.  It’s the holidays.
--I’m taking time off.  It’s the holidays.
--No one wants to be bothered. It’s the holidays.
--No one is thinking about work. It’s the holidays.
--Everyone is having office parties. It’s the holidays.
--No one’s thinking about business. It’s the holidays.

I realize that I have written about this subject before, but it bears repeating every holiday season and every summer when people make excuses not to job search.  Companies are hiring, some of them will make their decisions before the end of the year, some of them will interview right after the first, but if you aren’t searching and applying, you won’t get the job.  Always maintain your job search headway regardless of season.  Your career will thank you.  To your job search success!


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