Thursday, July 7, 2016

Career Tip: Don't Let Summertime Stop Your Job Search

The kids are out of school, it's 95 degrees outdoors, there are tons of summer activities wanting your attention, and you feel that most companies aren't bothering to hire during the Summer so you can put off your job search until Fall.  Wrong!  Not only do companies hire during the summer, but applications you filled out in the Applicant Tracking Systems in June, may actually have interviews starting as late as September or October.  If you weren't actively job seeking, you missed out.

Searching for a job is a job, and should be treated as such.  Just like your boss still expects you to be giving 100% every day your are at your job, you should give 100% to your job search regardless of the season.  Whether holiday time or summertime, keep your job search going, it will pay great dividends in the end.  To your job search success!

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