Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What NOT To Do If You Get Fired

People are fired every day; it is a fact of life.  Most of us will experience at least once in our career.  However, there are a few things that you shouldn’t do if you are fired, and here are the top seven.  So, don’t…

1)      Storm out of the building cussing, crying, screaming, or doing anything that doesn’t show a professional manner.  Yes, you are upset, but acting out in front of your coworkers and superiors will not help the situation, and can backfire when you ask for references.
2)      Forget to ask for a reference letter or two.  You will be surprised how many supervisors and other colleagues will write you a letter of reference, even it is more of a personal reference.   
3)      Hesitate to ask why?  If you are being fired, you have a right to know why.  This is particularly important if your supervisor has not followed company protocols, which could buy you additional time in your job, or even save your job, after petitioning Human Resources.
4)      Be pressured into making a decision on the spot if the company gives you the choice of resignation versus termination.  You could be giving up your rights to unemployment insurance and severance.  Read everything carefully and consult an employment attorney if necessary.  
5)      Thoughtlessly criticize your manager, coworkers, employees, etc., either as you leave, or on social media.  Those comments can come back to haunt you later.
6)      Post news of your firing on social media immediately, asking everyone you know for help and appearing desperate.  Get your resume, LinkedIn and job search act together over the next few of days before involving others in your job search.
7)      Devalue you.  When you are fired it is easy to assume there must be something wrong with you, that you will never get another job, or envision the worst possible outcomes from the dismissal.  By funneling your energy into a job search, and empowering yourself, you will find a new job quicker, and keep many of those worries at bay.

While being fired is upsetting, it can also be a new beginning.  Look at your job search as an journey, not a problem.  As Helen Keller once said:  “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.”  To your career and job search success!

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