Friday, February 26, 2016

Career Tip: The Advantage of being Cross-Functional in the Workplace

When looking at resumes I want to see that an individual is more than a one-trick pony.  I want them to have skills in multiple areas that help them to function and fit into more than one role within an organization.  Company's want their employees to take advantage of additional one-on-one training and internal professional development programs to obtain an increased skillset, but too often employees won't take advantage of this additional instruction.

You risk your career security when you can only do "your job" and can't or won't do others within the organization that expand your experience and make your more indispensable to a company.  Many of the layoffs that have happened in recent years have been of individuals who fill only one role, or refuse to learn new skills.  Open your mind, utilize the supplementary training and professional development your company offers, and watch your career grow.  To your career success!

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