Thursday, October 15, 2015

Colored Fonts and Resumes – That’s a Big NO!

From critiquing resumes brought to me by students seeking jobs after graduation or during the summer, to fielding applications in the past, I am surprised at how many job seekers use colored fonts in their resumes.  Sometimes it’s because they don’t know how to reverse the blue color in a web address (put the cursor at the end of the web address and hit the backspace key), but at least this one I understand.  More often than not, it’s purely an issue of neglecting to change the printer cartridge or selecting black in your print choices. When color shows up on a printed resume the reader immediately has less respect for the document.  Perhaps it shouldn't be that way, but presentation is everything.  Always print your resume text in black to ensure you showcase a professional document and present yourself in the best possible light.  To your job search success!

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