Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The “Secret” to In-Person Networking

Most individuals, and especially those in a job search, see networking as a formal event where they attend with the purpose of meeting lots of people.  I would like to challenge jobseekers to think of networking as something you do anytime you go to the store, out to dinner, after a wedding or other event, at a party, etc.  If you leave your home and go where there are other people, you can network.  Allow yourself to bring networking to a conscious level whether you are in a job search or not, and make it part of your daily routine.  Networking doesn’t have to be hard – it is in essence a conversation and should never be done to “get something” from another person.  So, if you think of networking as a conversation to find out about the other person and how you might help them, provide them with something of value (tips, hints, referrals, expertise) you will be ultimately be successful in your interactions and achieve your goal.  To your jobs search and career success!

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