Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Career Management Tip

Many companies/organizations offer a variety of professional development courses to their employees, including computer applications, leadership, management, sales, marketing, industry-related compliance, and business communications.  Companies may also send employees to regional and national conferences for additional education frequently in the form of breakout sessions.  Often, employees don't take advantage of these seminars and workshops and lose out on the benefits to their career.  Whether looking for a promotion at your current workplace, a better performance review, or wanting to move to another company, employers value employees that continually develop their skills through ongoing training.  
Take advantage of the learning opportunities your company provides, or seek out the many low cost or even free, quality professional development opportunities available to you online and at local community colleges and organizations. Additionally, keep track of the training you take, including name of course, and date (year or month/year) so you can add it to your resume.  As your knowledge grows, so will your career!

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